Birds of Iceland

Birds of all colours

According to many sources, Iceland is home to around 330 bird species, with 85 being nesting species, 12 are common passage migrants or Winter visitors, while the rest are accidental and casual visitors. Other birds identified in Iceland mostly come from Europe and, in a much lesser number, from North America.

Iceland has breathtaking landscapes and completely untouched nature of unusual beauty. It is a great pleasure to visit Iceland during nesting period in the late May and first three weeks of June, during the period when the nature comes out of its Winter sleep. At that time of Year Iceland is home to millions of nesting birds.

Birdlife of Iceland is dramatic and varied, making it a treasure trove for bird-watchers.

  1. Somateria mollissima,  Common Eider
2. Aythya fuligula,  Tufted Duck
3. Anas penelope,   Eurasian Wigeon
4. Anas carolinensis,  Green-winged Teal
5. Mergus serrator,  Red-breasted Merganser
6. Anas Platyrhynchos,  Mallard
7. Anser anser,  Greylag Goose
8. Branta bernicla, Brent Goose
9. Histrionicus histrionicus,  Harlequin Duck
10. Cygnus cygnus,  Whooper Swan
11. Calidris canutus,  Red Knot
12. Phalaropus lobatus,  Red-necked Phalarope
13. Haematopus ostralegus,  Eurasian Oystercatcher
14. Sterna paradisaea, Artic Tern
15. Larus marinus, Great Black-backed Gull
16. Larus argentatus, Herring Gull
17. Larus glaucoides, Iceland Gull
18. Chroicocephalus ridibundus, Black-headed Gul
19. Rissa tridactyla, Black- legged Kittiwake
20. Phalacrocor aristotelis, European Shag
21. Morus bassanus, Northern Gannet
22. Fulmarus glacialis, Northern Fulmar
23. Uria lomvia, Brünnich’s Guillemot
24. Alca torda, Razorbill
25. Uria aalge, Common Guillemot
26. Uria aalge, Bridled Guillemot, variety
27. Guillemot Colony
28. Cliff with nests