Birds of the Seychelles

Birds of all colours

Seychelles is a tropic archipelago made up of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, located 1600km east of Africa.

The archipelago has been separated from other continents for more than 60 million years. That is the reason why many endemic bird species live in the Seychelles.

For bird lovers (birders) the most interesting location is the Bird Island, a national park of 2 x 1 km which houses around 2.5 million birds from May to October. The island is protected and can accommodate only 40 tourists at a time.

The beauty of the sea, sky and plants in the Seychelles reflects in its varied bird life.

  1. Gygis alba, Fairy Tern
2. Phaeton lepturus, White-tailed Tropicbird
3. Galinula chloropus, Common Moorhen
4. Acrodotheres tristis, Common Myna
5. Geopelia striata, Barred ground dove
6. Sterna anaethetus, Bridled Tern
7. Foudia madagascariensis, Madascar Fody
8. Alectroenas pulcherrima, Seychelles Blue Pidgeon
9. Cinnyris dussumieri, Seychelles Sunbird
10. Butorides striata crafordi, Striated Heron
11. Ardea cinerea, Grey Heron
12. Acrocephalus sechellensis, Seychelles Warbler
13. Foudia sechellarum, Seychelles Fody
14. Copsychus sechellarum, Seychelles Megpie-robin
15. Hypsipetes cassiorostris, Seychelles Bulbul
16. Charadrius mongolus, Lesser Sand Plover
17. Arenaria interpres, Roody Turnstone
18. Calidris alba, Sanderling
19. Pluvialis squatarola, Grey Plover
20. Charadrius leschenaultii, Greater Sand Plover
21. Nesoenas picturata picturata, Madagascar Turtle Dove
22. Nasoenas picturata coppingeri, Madagascar Turtle Dove
23. Numenius phaeopus, Whimbrel
24. Dromas ardeola, Crab Plover
25. Calidris ferruginea, Curley Sndpiper
26. Bubulchus ibis sechellarum, Cattle Egret
27. Anous stolidus, Brown Nody
28. Anous tenuirostris, Lesser Nody
29. Anous tenuirostris, Lesser Nody variety
30. Thalasseus bergii, Greater Crested Tern
31. Fregata minor, Great Frigatebird
32. Fregata ariel, Lesser Frigatebird
33. Egretta intermedia, Intermedate Egret
34. Sula sula, Red-footed Booby
35. Onychoprion fuscatus, Sooty Tern
36. Tringa nebularia, Common Greenshank
37. Tringa glareola, Wood Sandpiper
38. Pluvalis fulva, Pacific Golden Plover
39. Puffinus bailloni, Tropical Shearwater
40. Limicola fascinellus, Broad-billed Sandpiper
41. Charadrius asiaticus, Caspian Plover